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I've always wanted to see video of my parents' wedding day...

This is always a thought that comes to my mind as I'm editing together someone's wedding film. I've seen my parents wedding pictures and they've described things to me about what the reception was like and how they felt. But, I can't help but always really wish they could show me video of their most important day. Wedding films aren't just a fun thing to have for yourself, but fun to show future family members and friends! And to have it done to truly reflect you two as a couple, to truly highlight the details, the dress, the wedding party, the flowers, what you said to each other when you first saw each other on your wedding day, and what you vowed to one another. These are the things you will not regret being able to relive.

I'm so happy you're here!

My goal is to provide you the dreamiest presentation of your memories that truly represent your love and all the little details that make you two uniquely you.

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About Me
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Karoline + Luke

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Molly + Noah

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Nikki + Chris

Wedding Films

A little about me

Hi I'm Alisha! I was born and raised in Nebraska and currently live in Lincoln, NE with my super cool husband Andy, and sweet pup Winnie. Ever since I was a kid I have always had a passion for putting together something special to help make our memories a step above shuffling through pictures. I would also get the camera out to film moments with my friends and then go home and make a little highlight reel of it all. Video just resonated with me on a whole other level than just having the pictures. I felt like I could really relive those experiences and properly share those experiences with my friends and family.

So now with my love of all things wedding, I get to help couples share their most special experience and memory with everyone through film! Giving a bride and groom the gift of forever reliving their wedding day, in a creative and artistic way, is truly something I love to do, and I can't wait to do it for you! Let me tell your story!

Love Stories
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